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Name:Nicholas D. Wolfwood
Birthdate:Feb 13
Website:Outpost 12
This boy's a smoking gun.
Oh my, I'm about to go down in flames

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May you go with God's protection.

Nicholas D. Wolfwood (the "D" stands for either "Dangerous" or "Dokonokuminomonjawaresumakinishiteshizumetarokakora," depending on how long you want to spend pronouncing his name). He's the man who rings the black funeral bell; a soldier of love saving the lambs who have strayed. He's a wandering priest (well, minister) but his philosophy isn't quite "Turn the other cheek." Wolfwood travels the planet Gunsmoke--via his motorbike, the Angelina 2-- in the name of his church, which is situated 300 iles from the city of December. He has to travel to make money for the orphans he takes in; having a soft spot for kids and people in trouble, though, more often than not he finds himself in a jam of his own making.

Life's hard for an itinerant priest, and so Wolfwood makes the sacrifices he sees as necessary, by which I mean this:

It's best not to mistake him for a good man.

And in fact, he's kind of a rotten priest, too.


What the hell kind of a churchman are you?

In a world where the most lengendary outlaw of them all is valued at $$60,000,000,000, Wolfwood isn't all too shy of being a damn good bounty himself. He's a precision marksman with a six-shooter, rivaling even the famous Vash the Stampede. Throughout the series, he carries a large cross (about six feet high) on his back. It is wrapped in cloth which is held by numerous buckled straps, and it usually takes three men to lift, though Wolfwood carries it like it's nothing at all. He calls it the Cross Punisher, and the cloth lifts to reveal a portable arsenal: six-shooters, a machine gun, and a rocket launcher.

He's an exceptional shot, and he's never been known to back down from a fight he thinks is necessary.

The Basics.

Approximately 6' 2", Wolfwood has shaggy dark hair and gray-blue eyes. He's fit and broad-shouldered (enough to sling the Punisher over a shoulder and walk around like it's nothing more than an over-sized backpack). He always wears the same black suit and half-buttoned cream-colored shirt with tan shoes and occasionally adds dark glasses (pretty damn useful on a desert planet like Gunsmoke). He speaks Kansai dialect in the original Japanese; this is usually translated into his having a slight accent, since all the characters in Trigun speak English rather than Japanese. He's got a definite soft spot for kids. He is usually smoking.

He carries the cross with him at all times.

Wolfwood enters the Bar after Episode 11 of Trigun: Escape from Pain.

Damn, that thing's heavy.
That's because it's so full of mercy.

I'm Lorna, and can be reached at aria [dot] marier at gmail [dot] com. Nicholas D. Wolfwood is the intellectual property of the creator of Trigun: Yasuhiro Nightow. This journal is being used for roleplay at [community profile] milliways_bar. No infringement is intended and no profit is being made. Basically, the preacher man ain't mine--he's just my traveling buddy.

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